CRStal Radio


You already read it and now you can listen to it too!

CRStal Radio is the official podcast of the Canadian Review of Sociology, the flagship journal of the Canadian Sociological Association.

In each half-hour episode, Managing Editor Karen Stanbridge introduces you to three sociologists whose peer-reviewed article, research note, review essay, or shorter piece (like those that appear in the Committing Sociology section of each issue) is featured in the journal. Through their commentary, you get an overview of their work, but in their own words. Which beats an abstract every time.

Hear the people behind the research, the sociologists behind the data.

Tune into CRStal Radio. And listen.

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New!  VIPs Series
A special series of conversations with some of Canadian sociology’s brightest stars.

Who is Listening?

In 2021, the podcast welcomed 854 visits.  The site averaged approximately 60 listens per month with peak traffic whenever new content was posted.     People are learning about the podcast through colleagues and social media promotion.   The vast majority of visits were from Canada (78%) followed by the US (17%).