Past Book Reviews


Prior to 2016, past issues of the journal included a Book Review section.   From 2003 – 2010, reviews that could not be accommodated in the journal were posted online.  A list of these reviews can be found below.  Contact us if you require any assistance.

Click Reviewer(s) Year Book Title Author
Demerling, Rachel 2010 Gender, and the Reframing of Parenting Ranson, Gillian
Kocak, Pinar 2010 The Anthropology of Childhood: Cherubs, Chattel, Changelings Lancy, David F.
Hurl, Chris; Walby, Kevin 2010 The Sixties in Canada: A Turbulent and Creative Decade Palaeologu, M. Athena
Tenute, Hillory Rose 2010 Isuma: Inuit Video Art Evans, Michael Robert
Marotta, Luana 2010 Attitudes, and Politics in Brazil Bailey, Stanley R.
Amand, Amy St. 2010 Rainy River Lives: Stories told by Maggie Wilson (compiled, edited, and with an introduction by Sally Cole) Wilson, Maggie
Anaïs, Seantel A. B. 2010 Language and Emotion Wilce, James M.
Alderson, Christopher 2010 Debugging the Link between Social Theory and Social Insects Rodgers, Diane M.
Siberry, Alexandra 2010 Diaspora by Design: Muslim Immigrants in Canada and Beyond Moghissi, Haideh; Rahnema, Saeed; Goodman, Mark J.
Scott, Nick 2010 Car Troubles: Critical Studies of Automobility and Auto-mobility Conley, Jim; Mclaren, Arlene Tigar