Note aux auteurs

Submit a manuscript

Manuscripts are submitted to the text Editor through the Wiley-Blackwell submission website. The Canadian Review of Sociology is always accepting submissions for publication. The submission and review process allows authors to manage their submissions online on the Wiley-Blackwell website

Canadian Review of Sociology adheres to the double-blind peer review process. Therefore, authors must remove all identification materials such as author’s name, reference to author’s work, acknowledgements, and all material that could potentially identify the author. Author’s name should also be deleted from the “Preferences” section in the submitted document.

Note to Contributors

ARTICLES may be written in English or French. Manuscripts should be submitted online at Full instructions and support are available on the site and a user ID and password can be obtained on the first visit. Support can be contacted by phone (888-503-1050), or via the Get Help Now link in the right-hand corner of the page.

The text submitted must be accompanied by an abstract in English not exceeding 150 words, and possibly a summary in French of the same length. Manuscripts should be approximately 9,000 words, including appendices, notes and references. During the initial submission, the journal applies a “free format” submission policy, which means that we will review articles that are not formatted according to the journal’s guidelines.

The file sent to the publishing service must contain the final version of the text. No further revisions will be accepted. The publisher will send authors a PDF file of their article in layout, which they should check, pointing out any minor errors or omissions and responding to any queries posed by the copy editors, and should sign the accompanying of-to-print form.

Submission of a manuscript to a professional journal implies a commitment to publish initially in that same journal. The processing of submissions requires much time and effort on the part of readers and others. For these reasons, we regard submission of a manuscript to a professional journal while it is under review by another publishing outlet as unacceptable.