April 1

Communicate with your presenters/panelists

Email addresses can be found through the abstract submission system or Conference website

Session organizers determine whether full papers or presentation summaries are required.  We suggest that you request this from your session participants by May 1 to ensure that everyone is prepared.   It may also be good to connect with the presenters/panelists to review the theme of the session, individual presentation times**, discussion topics, etc.

** Session Guidelines including presentation times


Conference participation policies

Deadline: April 15

We are currently monitoring compliance with our Canadian Sociological Association membership and Congress delegate registration requirements for all presenters, panelists, chairs, and discussants.  We will communicate directly with those who have yet to complete the registrations and may request your assistance as the deadline approaches.  Those not in compliance as of April 15 will be removed from the program.


Check the Conference Program

Deadline: April 15 to send the requested or corrected information

  1. Session/panel description
    • Send me revised versions (100-150 words) if your original description (inviting submissions) is still listed.
  2. Order of presentations/panelists
    • Presentations must be made in the order they appear in the program
  3. Session format correct
    • Many of the original Roundtable sessions are now Regular sessions.  Sessions located in DLAM 005 can be either a Regular or Roundtable session.  Those sessions that remain as Roundtables will have the term included in the title
    • Learn more about session formats
  4. Author/presentation withdrawal or presentation abstract/title revision
  5. Session Chair (and Discussant if applicable)