Student/Faculty Speed Meeting Opportunity

Ateliers et dévelopment étudiants, Faits Saillants

We have arranged an opportunity for faculty and graduate students to meet other sociologists across the country during the Welcome Reception.  This is open to all Canadian Sociological Association delegates.

Space is limited.  If you would like to participate, please indicate whether you are a faculty or student, which university you are affiliated with and what area of sociology you study.

Faculty, please RSVP before June 3 to Emily Huddart Kennedy.

Students, please RSVP before June 3 to Jennifer Adkins.

These events are sponsored by the Department of Sociology, University of British Columbia and the Canadian Sociological Association with additional support from the Association’s Student Concerns Subcommittee.

Stay tuned for more information about our Grad Student Social Event to be held at Koerner’s Pub following the Welcome Reception!