Being Online: A Conversation About Doing Digital Sociology

Conference Highlights, Panels and Plenary, Professional Development
Internet, Technology, and Digital Sociology

This panel, facilitated by MediaSmarts, on doing digital sociology will feature graduate students from various institutions who will speak to the benefits and challenges of ‘being online’ because of their research interests and methodologies. This conversation began during Media Literacy Week 2022 at an event titled Being Online: Establishing Communities of Care for Digital Sociologists. During this event, graduate students spoke to the challenges of recruiting participants online, the emotional toll of digging deep into sensitive topics and entering tumultuous online spaces, and they offered thoughts on what can be done to better support graduate students doing research in this way. There was a shared desire to bring this conversation to CSA to build a stronger network of digital sociologists – especially one that can support early career researchers.

Moderators: Samantha McAleese and Kara Brisson-Boivin from MediaSmarts


  • Andrey Kasimov, Department of Sociology, McMaster University
  • Milana Leskovac, Department of Sociology, University of Calgary
  • Monica Pauls, Department of Sociology, University of Calgary
  • Jinman Zhang, Media Studies, Western University
Tags: Digital Studies, Professional Development, Research Methods

Organizers: Samantha McAleese, MediaSmarts and Carleton University, Kara Brisson-Boivin, MediaSmarts and Carleton University