Circles of Feminist Conversations: Interdisciplinary Sessions hosted by other Associations

Regular Sessions
Feminist Sociology

As feminists within and across disciplines, we will collectively explore the types of solidarities, conversations and professional practices that we might have with diverse community members and groups inside and outside academe. Presenters may articulate the particular contributions (historical and/or contemporary) that they feel their feminist approach offers to solidarities and social movements for change amidst and beyond the patriarchal past and present.

Co-sponsoring Associations:

  • Canadian Association for Social Work Education /Association canadienne pour la formation en travail social (CASWE/ACFTS)
  • Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education/Association canadienne pour t’etude sur les femmes et l’education (CASWE/ACEFE)
  • Canadian Committee on Women’s History/ Comité canadien de l’histoire des femmes (CCWH/CCHF)
  • Canadian Political Science Association / Association canadienne de science politique
  • Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women/Institut canadien de recherche sur les femmes (CRIAW/ICREF)
  • Canadian Sociological Association/Société Canadienne de sociologie (CSA/SCS)
  • Society for Socialist Studies / Société pour études socialistes (SSS-SES)
  • Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF)


The following sessions will be hosted by another co-sponsoring Association. Scheduling and locations to be finalized.

1. Circles of Feminist Conversation on Collective Action Strategies for Decolonization & Social Justice

Hosted by the Canadian Political Science Association.

Presenters: Sujata Thapa, University of Toronto; Jess Notwell, University of Guelph; Yuriko Cowper-Smith, University of Guelph

IGNITE Change: Feminist Conversation on Collective Action Strategies for Decolonization and Social Justice


2. Circles of Feminist Conversations: Theorizing and Resisting Violence

Hosted by the Society for Socialist Studies.


Nayyar Javed, Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

Why do mothers murder their daughters; mother daughter relationship in a cultural paradox

Patty Douglas, Brandon University; Margaret Gibson, University of Waterloo

Conversations at the intersection of Feminism, Disability Studies and Decolonization: Untangling the care-violence binary in parenting and disability

Asmita Bhutani Vij, University of Toronto

From the (Dispossessed) Land of Central India: State response to Indigenous women’s solidarity

Marie-Andrée Pelland, Université de Moncton; Lise Savoie, Université de Moncton

La violence sexuelle intrusive et invasive vécue au quotidien par des étudiantes : les effets d’un monde patriarcal


3. Circles of Feminist Conversations: Voices from the Margins -Intersectional and Relational Perspectives

Hosted by the Society for Socialist Studies.


Maryam Khan, Wilfrid Laurier University

Conducting Insider Research with Queer Muslim Women: Addressing Relationality, Solidarity, Power and Critical Reflexivity.

Lise Savoie, Université de Moncton; Isabel Lantelgne, Université de Moncton; Hélène Albert, Université de Moncton

Perspective intersectionnelle de la pauvreté des femmes : voir la souffrance des femmes à travers les différents visages de la pauvreté

Ley Dorian Fraser, University of Manitoba

Intersectionality, Hegemony and Personal Domain in Youth Culture and Private Space (2012)


4. Circles of Feminist Conversations: Nagivating Activism, solidarity and scholarship

Hosted by the Canadian Association of Social Work Education.  Tuesday, June 4th at 3:30pm.


Rosemary Dawood, Waseda University

From “Me Too” to “We are with you”: Women’s activism in Japanese social movements

Jessica Shaw, University of Calgary

Beyond “pro-choice” and conscientious objections: Re-centering intersectionality, morality, and community in abortion politics

Alifa Bandali, University of British Columbia

Outside the Institution: New Environments of Islam and Feminist Activism

Organizers: Elaine Coburn, York University, Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, Saint Mary's University, Ann B. Denis, University of Ottawa