Establishing a Research Community to Analyze PIAAC, LISA, and Administrative Data Linkages

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The Mowat Centre and HEQCO have partnered to implement an innovative and collaborative policy research initiative, the Research Initiative on Education and Skills (RIES). The objective of the RIES is to access, analyze and mobilize data relating to the education, skills and labour market outcomes of Canadians and to disseminate the findings to the wider public and inform policy development.

As part of the initiative, The Mowat Centre and HEQCO are seeking to build a community of researchers who are interested in producing policy-relevant research while working with skills-related datasets provided by Statistics Canada. Contributions from selected research participants will be shared with the community of RIES researchers and disseminated through Mowat and HEQCO channels.

At its core, the RIES is a collaborative initiative involving several partners and is designed to make Statistics Canada data accessible to a wide range of researchers and increase the return on investments already made in data collection. The lasting goal of the initiative is to build infrastructure and capacity to ensure a continued impact.

One of the foundational components of this initiative is to make use of the following interconnected sets of Statistics Canada data

The Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), the Longitudinal and International Survey of Adults (LISA), Administrative data linkages – linking LISA data to historical tax data from the T1 Family File (T1FF, 1982-present) and from employers’ files (T4, 2000-present), as well as other administrative data relating to pension (PPIC, 2000-present) and immigration status (IMDB, 1980-present).

There are two aims to this workshop:

First, to inform the research community of the applicability of these surveys and the administrative data linkages.

Second, to build interest in the initiative to conduct social research with the intention of mobilizing the insights we gain to the wider public.


Tags: Applied Sociology, Research Methods

Organizer: Brad Seward, Mowat Centre