Fatherhood, Masculinity, and Mental Health: Bridging Divides Between Research and Lived Experience

Conference Highlights, Panels and Plenary
Critical Sociology of Families, Work and Care

In our proposed panel, we will bring together two sociologists and two social media influencers to discuss the relationship between fatherhood, masculinity, and mental health. Casey Scheibling and Kevin Shafer will first explain notable findings about how fathers interpret masculinity and how those interpretations affect their parental involvement and health. Mike Reynolds and Nick North will talk about their experiences in negotiating masculinity, embodiment, and psychological and emotional wellness in their lives as parents. Then, we will have a collective conservation seeking to learn more about our own similarities and differences. It is also our hope that audience members will participate in this discussion, as well. We think that such a panel is important for creating and sharing knowledge about the personal and familial well-being of men, and for bridging divides between academic and non-academic writers. Such knowledge can be a starting point for broader social and digital advocacy around men’s health, gender equality, and parental involvement.



Casey Scheibling, McMaster University

Kevin Shafer, Brigham Young University

Mike Reynolds, @EverydayGirlDad

Nick North, @epicdanger

Tags: Children and Youth, Gender and Sexuality, Health and Care, Mental Health, Parenting and Families

Organizers: Casey Scheibling, McMaster University, Kevin Shafer, Brigham Young University