Getting It Done – Tips and Tricks for Successful Dissertation Completion

Conference Highlights, Panels and Plenary, Professional Development

This session will be a panel of Professors and recent PhD grads, sharing insights into successful strategies for preparing, defending and completing a PhD dissertation.

This panel has been organized by the CSA Student Concerns Subcommittee.


Nicole Malette, University of British Columbia


Jessica Braimoh, York University

Dr. Jessica Braimoh (Assistant Professor, Criminology programme at York University) is a critical sociologist whose research and teaching interests include the interrelation between criminalization, racialization and class (among other systems of domination and difference); socio-legal processes and organizing institutions (e.g., education, social welfare); and the experiences of “at-risk” populations. Guided by principles of social justice, her work seeks to uncover the ways that inequality is perpetuated and maintained.


Catherine Corrigall-Brown, University of British Columbia

Dr. Catherine Corrigall-Brown is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Her research focuses on participation in social movements, coalitions, funding and framing. This research has appeared in Social ForcesSociological Perspectives, the International Journal of Comparative SociologySocial Movement Studies, and Mobilization. She is also the author of Patterns of Protest: Trajectories of Participation in Social Movements (Stanford University Press, 2012), and Keeping the March Alive: How Grassroots Activism Survived Trump’s America (New York University Press, 2022).


Casey Scheibling, McMaster University

Dr. Casey Scheibling (PhD ‘19, McMaster University) is a postdoctoral fellow in Sociology at the University of Toronto and an adjunct faculty member in Sociology at McMaster University. His research focuses on the interrelationship of fatherhood, masculinity, and men’s health. As a recent recipient of a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship and Insight Development Grant, he is currently examining how gender expectations for work and family roles affect the mental health of new fathers. His publications can be found in journals such as Canadian Review of Sociology, Journal of Marriage and Family, Men and Masculinities, Sex Roles, and Symbolic Interaction.

Organizer: Nicole Malette, University of British Columbia