John Porter Award Lecture: Dr. Tracey L. Adams

Conference Highlights, Keynote Speakers

The Changing Nature of Professional Self-Regulation in Canada

In Regulating Professions, I explore the early history of professional self-regulation in four Canadian provinces.  In this talk, I briefly review this history, before providing an overview of significant twentieth-century changes to professional regulation, and the concerns and power struggles that shaped them. I also examine current debates and controversies in professional regulation in Canada.

Dr. Adams received the 2019 John Porter Tradition of Excellence Book Award for her book,

Regulating Professions: The Emergence of Professional Self- Regulation in Four Canadian Provinces, (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2018).

This award winning book analyzes the history of self-regulation of professions in Canada, as a long negotiation with state, and explores the emergence of professional self-regulation in four Canadian provinces from Confederation to the1940s. It argues that in some countries, self-regulated professions have been treated as outdated, elitist and restricting competition, while, in Canada self-regulation has proven to build and support important institutions.

Tags: Canadian Sociology, Work And Professions