Post-Graduate Blues: Figuring Out What’s Next

Conference Highlights, Panels and Plenary, Workshops and Student Development

Many graduate students are concerned about post-graduate job opportunities when pursuing an academic career path. Given the competitive nature of the academic job market, graduate students find themselves questioning their ability to ‘make it’ in the academic world and land a traditional, tenure-track job within an academic institution. This session is designed to give graduate students a window into the academic career paths available to them post-graduation. The panel will consist of speakers at various stages of their academic careers who will offer insight into the transition into, application process for, and precarity of, academic job positions.  Panelists will address key issues which include, but are not limited to, CV expectations and the weight of publications; the importance of publishing, networking, and conference attendance; the value of having a post-doc award before entering the academic job market; as well as a general discussion of the interview process and negotiating appointments.

Graduate students can also use their sociological training in careers outside of academia. For information on the non-academic job market, please see “Careers in Applied Sociology outside Academe,” jointly sponsored by the Applied Sociology cluster and the Student Concerns Subcommittee.

This session has been organized by the Canadian Sociological Association Student Concerns Subcommittee.  Light refreshments will be served.



Tracey Adams, University of Western Ontario

Matt Patterson, University of Calgary

Ariane Hanemaayer, Brandon University

Yue Qian, University of British Columbia

Rima Wilkes, University of British Columbia

Tags: Professional Development

Organizers: Jennifer Adkins, University of British Columbia, Awish Aslam, Western University, Emma E. Kay, Dalhousie University