Sovereignty and Hypocrisy Impeding Reconciliation on Campuses in Canada

Panels and Plenary

This panel aims to shine the light of truth on reconciliation in universities.  Reconciliation requires truth; but, historical truth is not enough.  Reconciliation requires honesty in the present.  Talk about reconciliation, when you are still making decisions for Indigenous people, is hypocritical.  To reconcile with Indigenous peoples, universities must decolonize – to stop constraining Indigenous people’s sovereignty.

This session is sponsored by the Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics (CSSPE), Canadian Sociological Association (CSA), Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA), and Society for Socialist Studies (SSS).

Panelists and Indigenous scholars:

Lee Maracle, University of Toronto

Lorraine Mayer, Brandon University

Chaw-win-is Ogilvie, University of Victoria

Moderator: Sandra Tomsons, University of Winnipeg