Digital Data Management and Open Access: Implications for research and publishing

Conference Highlights, Panels and Plenary, Professional Development

The environment surrounding academic research and publishing is undergoing transformation. SSHRC (along with NSERC and CIHR) is putting in place a policy on research data management that will have significant implications for the way sociologists manage their research and knowledge making practices. At the same time, the transition to open access publishing models is the subject of ongoing debate among academics, universities, publishers, librarians, and governments. This panel will consider important questions that are emerging from these shifts. What new opportunities and challenges will present themselves to individual researchers and the sociological community? How will data management practices change and how will different groups of researchers be impacted differently? How will the new publishing model work and what impacts will it have on the CSA/SCS and the CRA/RCS? How can the association and journal archive a smooth transition to the open access publishing model? Organized by the CSA Research Advisory subcommittee, this panel will bring together panelists with varying expertise on academic publishing, open access, and data management to consider these and other relevant questions from a variety of perspectives.  

This session is sponsored by the Canadian Sociological Association Research Advisory Subcommittee.


Allyson Stokes,Memorial University


  • Matthew Lucas, Executive Director, Corporate Strategy and Performance, SSHRC
  • Karen Stanbridge, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Jenny Godley, University of Calgary
  • Vincent Lariviere, Université de Montréal
Tags: Canadian Sociology, Professional Development, Research Methods

Organizers: Kristyn Frank, Statistics Canada, Lisa Kaida, McMaster University, Allyson Stokes, Memorial University, Kyle Willmott, University of Alberta