Keynote Speakers


The Canadian Sociological Association and the University of Alberta’s Sociology Department are pleased to present John Porter Award lecture, the Outstanding Contribution Award lecture, and many more keynote events.  The list of confirmed keynotes can be found below.

Upcoming Events

Conference Keynote: Dr. Vanessa Watts

Conference Highlights, Keynote Speakers

Reconciliation as the new frontier? Indigenous cosmologies, the state and the social

John Porter Award Lecture: Dr. Emily Laxer

Conference Highlights, Keynote Speakers

Secularism and the Religious Signs Debate in France and Québec: A Politics-Centered Approach

Outstanding Contribution Award Lecture: Dr. Alejandro Hernandez

Conference Highlights, Keynote Speakers

#Settler-colonialism, #racialization, and #(non-)belonging: The embracing of fascism and authoritarianism among some North American youth via Instagram