Panels and Plenaries


The Canadian Sociological Association conference highlights current issues from a sociological perspective. Expect scholarly debates on a variety of topics ranging from the theoretical to the political.  The following list of plenaries are scheduled for Congress 2019 at University of British Columbia.

Additional plenaries such as “Big Thinking” lectures will also be held during Congress. See the Congress website for further details.

Upcoming Events

Post-Graduate Blues: Figuring Out What’s Next

Conference Highlights, Panels and Plenary, Workshops and Student Development

Many graduate students are concerned about post-graduate job opportunities when pursuing an academic career path. Given the competitive nature of the academic job market, graduate students find themselves questioning their … Read more

Sovereignty and Hypocrisy Impeding Reconciliation on Campuses in Canada

Panels and Plenary

This panel aims to shine the light of truth on reconciliation in universities.  Reconciliation requires truth; but, historical truth is not enough.  Reconciliation requires honesty in the present.  Talk about reconciliation, when … Read more

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