Panels and Plenaries


The Canadian Sociological Association conference highlights current issues from a sociological perspective. Expect scholarly debates on a variety of topics ranging from the theoretical to the political.  The following list of plenaries are scheduled for Congress 2024.

Additional plenaries such as “Big Thinking” lectures will also be held during Congress. See the Congress website for further details.

Upcoming Events

(SMH2) Digitalization of Mental Health Promotion: Expanding Access to Mental Health Care for Marginalized Populations through Digital Interventions

Conference Highlights, Panels and Plenary, Virtual

Digital mental health (DMH) has emerged as a pivotal tool to enhance accessibility to mental health services, particularly for communities with limited access to inclusive care. DMH encompasses the use … Read more

(RAS1) Masculinities and Hate in Authoritarian Times

Conference Highlights, Panels and Plenary, Virtual

New patterns in global politics have emerged in the past two decades, with a striking resurgence and re-making of gendered power. In Europe and the Americas, an authoritarian white masculinity … Read more

(RAE3) Utilizing the Barbershop Setting to Discuss and Challenge Anti-Blackness

Conference Highlights, In-person, Panels and Plenary, Roundtable, Virtual

Event Flyer Despite the resilience of Black communities, the detrimental effects of anti-Black racism on mental health are becoming increasingly evident. For Black people, the sobering reality involves enduring exposure … Read more

(SCS1) Academic Basics: Applying for Research Funding

Conference Highlights, Panels and Plenary, Professional Development, Virtual

An integral part of academic research involves applying for funding, whether that is funding through a university award competition or council/SSHRC funding. In this workshop hosted by the CSA Student … Read more