Workshops and Student Development


The Canadian Sociological Association fosters faculty and student engagement through many workshops and expert panels held during our annual conference. The following list of workshops are scheduled for Congress 2017 at Ryerson University.

Additional workshops will be held through the Congress. See the congress website for further details.

Upcoming Events

Careers in Applied Sociology Outside Academe

Panels and Plenary, Workshops and Student Development

This session highlights the different types of work sociologists do in government, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations. Panelists in this session will share how they use their sociological training … Read more

Practical Advice on Communicating Sociological Research Effectively

Panels and Plenary, Workshops and Student Development

This panel features six sociologists with considerable experience communicating sociological research to non-academic audiences, including journalists; community organizations; and government agencies, departments, and ministries. Each panelist will share their experiences … Read more

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