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From Far & Wide: The Next 150

ryerson university

In the year of Canada’s sesquicentennial, Congress 2017 invites reflection on our past as we look to the future. This year’s theme “From Far & Wide: The Next 150” embraces the Canadian identity, including the diversity of populations and the reach of this event, both nationally and internationally. Toronto itself is a vibrant microcosm of Canada’s diversity—and Ryerson University is a metropolitan university within that microcosm, seamlessly interwoven and connected with the community.

“From Far & Wide: The Next 150” is inclusive of different ideas, geographies, cultures, countries, schools of thought and disciplines, encouraging cross-collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach. The theme plays across time, contrasting a traditional Canadian phrase with the idea of moving forward and looking ahead to the future, as a country, and as a society.

As we celebrate our history, legacy and achievements of the last 150 years, we anticipate the next 150: a time of rapid growth, changing demographics, urban challenges, new beginnings and boundless opportunities.