Delegate Information

The 2023 Canadian Sociological Association Conference is fast approaching!

We hope you find the following information helpful.  Additional details will be posted once confirmed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require further information.


CSA Membership Requirement

Canadian Sociological Association Membership is independent of Congress registration.

All participants (presenters, panelists, chairs, and discussants) must be members in good standing by April 15, 2023.  This applies to those attending the Conference in-person and remotely (virtually).

The first step is to ensure that your membership is in good standing throughout June 2, 2023.  Contact us if you are unsure about the current standing of your membership.
Learn more about membership in the Canadian Sociological Association

Those planning to attend the CSA Conference as an observer only (i.e. not a presenter, panelist, chair, nor discussant) are not required to be CSA Members.

Learn more about the CSA membership requirement

CSA Conference Delegate Registration through Congress

Anyone attending Congress (which includes the Canadian Sociological Association Conference) must register as a delegate.  This applies to those attending the Conference in-person and remotely (virtually).

There are two components of delegate registration; the ‘Congress Fee’ and the ‘Association Conference Fee’. When registering as a delegate, you will be asked to select the Association Conference(s) in which you will be participating or attending.  Select ‘#59 – Canadian Sociological Association’.

Learn more about the CSA Conference registration

CSA Funding Programs

The Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) strives to support member participation in the annual Conference by recognizing the diversity and barriers that may impact historically marginalized populations.



Accessible Presentations

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The Canadian Sociological Association, our Research Clusters, and Congress sponsored awards featured as part of the annual Conference.

Conference Program and Schedule

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Participant Guidelines

The Canadian Sociological Association has compiled information to assist those participating in the annual Conferences. Additional information will be posted once finalized.

Session Format: In-person or Hybrid

All of our Conference sessions will be held in-person at York University (Keele Campus).   A limited number of sessions will be assigned to hybrid rooms whereby remote presenters and audience members will be able to participate virtually through the Congress virtual platform.

In other sessions, it may be possible for our members to present remotely but they would not be able to see the other presentations (given in-person or remotely) and audience questions would need to be communicated to the remote presenter by the session chair.  Audience attendance would be in-person only.

Additional information will be posted once confirmed.


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Those attending in-person

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Childcare Services

COVID Protocol

Food Services – coming soon

Local Amenities – coming soon

Maps – coming soon

  • Congress Map
  • Canadian Sociological Association Conference Map

Travel and Transportation – coming soon

Tourism – coming soon

Those attending virtually

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Those attending in-person

Information will be posted once confirmed.

Check-in at the Congress Hub to receive your Delegate receipt, badge, and delegate guide

Visit the Canadian Sociological Association Information Booth

Join us for our special events

  • Welcome Reception
  • President’s Reception
Those attending virtually

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