January 23

The Call for Abstracts will be closing January 27, 2017.   Please remind your colleagues to submit their abstracts before the deadline.  The deadline is also applicable to organizers submitting to their own sessions.


Determining the Final Status of Your Session

Our office will be in contact with all session organizers through the review process January 30 – February 15 to assist with determining if and how your session will be included in the program.

The status of your session will be updated depending on the number of abstracts approved for presentation using the following guidelines;

  • Regular and roundtable sessions with less than 3 approved abstracts will be cancelled or merged.
  • Regular or roundtable sessions with 3 or 4 approved abstracts will be asked to accept similarly themed abstracts from cancelled or merged sessions
  • Regular sessions with 5 – 10 approved abstracts will be considered for an additional roundtable session
  • Roundtable sessions with more than 7 abstracts intended for presentation will be considered for an additional roundtable
  • Regular sessions with more than 10 approved abstracts (papers completed by May 1, 2017) will be considered for an additional regular and/or multiple roundtables pending space and time availability in the program

General Session Guidelines
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Abstract Submission System

In November, you were sent an email with personal login details for this system (please check your spam filter or contact me if you have not received).

The online conference system is crucial for the management of conference presentations and scheduling.  The system integrates all paper session and participant information allowing for more efficient communication and program coordination.  Therefore, all abstracts must be submitted through this system by the January 27 deadline*.

*Exceptions (Sherry Fox will contact the applicable session organizers)

  • Joint or co-sponsored sessions that are accepting submissions from more than one association
  • Pre-arranged panelist information (name, affiliation, discussion topic, etc)


Using the Abstract Submission System

Submitting an abstract to your own session
If you intend to submit a paper to your own session, please note that you must do so through the online abstract submission system by the January 27 deadline.   Use the ‘Author’ profile found once you log into the system.

Your session co-organizer or another member of the affiliated Research Cluster may review your abstract.   If this is not applicable to your session, please send a copy of the abstract to us (office@csa-scs.ca) by January 27 so our Conference Committee may complete the review.

Reviewing abstracts
As a Session Organizer, you will access abstracts submitted to your session through the online abstract submission system.    Once logged in, you will find instructions on reviewing abstracts under “User Home”.  We have updated the step-by-step visual guide available for download.

Final decisions
Due to the overwhelming response received during the Call for Sessions, space and time in the Conference program is limited.

With this in mind, please consider the following when deciding to approve or decline abstracts submitted to your session and we encourage you to first review the session guidelines.

  • The abstract submission review page now includes information on the status of the author’s research and completed paper (see the step-by-step visual review guide)
  • Regular sessions should include 3-5 completed paper presentations
    • Presenters will have access to AV for power point
  • Roundtables are best suited to research in progress, incomplete papers, or general thematic discussion
    • AV for power point will not be available
    • Four concurrent roundatbles will be scheduled in each time-slot (10 presenters and/or attendees per table)

Please complete the abstract review process and communicate the results to the authors by February 15, 2017. The system facilitates communication to the author about your decision to approve, decline, or request revisions to the abstract.

Declined abstracts
If you do not have room for an abstract or you feel that it is not a good fit for your session but worthy of presentation, please advise the author to contact our office regarding possible reassignment.


Conference Information for Session Organizers

We strongly recommend that all participants refer to the Conference website regularly for the latest news.  Information specifically for session organizers can also be found on the website.

All presenters, panelists, chairs, and discussants must be CSA-SCS members as well as Congress delegates by April 15, 2017.  Refer to the Conference participation policies and compliance instructions.

Please feel free to direct your session’s participants to me if they have any questions or concerns regarding the registration policies.