Lauréats du Prix du confèrence 2022

Félicitations aux lauréats des prix du confèrence 2022!
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Meilleure Article Étudiante

2022 Lauréats : Andrew Crosby, Carleton University
“Framework for Social Destruction”: Community Well-being and Domicide in the Liveable City

Honourable Mention: Sepideh Borzoo, University of Calgary
Marketing Diversity in a gendered racialized marketplace: The everyday experiences of selling diversity in the cosmetic retail store


Prix du mérite des cycles supérieurs du Congrès

2022 Lauréats:

Félix Pavlenko, Université d’Ottawa

Jada Joseph, Concordia University

Manlin Cai, University of British Columbia

Max Chewinski, University of British Columbia

Max Stick, McMaster University


Prix des groupes de recherche

Les lauréats de 2022 seront inscrits à mesure qu’ils seront confirmés :

Criminology and Law
Helen Kosc, University of Oxford – Freedom Amidst Crisis: Experiences of UK Inmate Re-entry during the Covid-19 Pandemic, and Implications for Support Networks and Services

Internet, Technology and Digital Sociology
Dilshan L. Fernando, University of Guelph – The Limited Use of ICT Solutions for Peripheral Inaccessibilities Faced by People with Disabilities in Myanmar

Political Sociology and Social Movements
Max Chewinski, University of British Columbia – “It became a battlefield”: Emotions, Polarization, and Disengagement from Environmental Deliberations

Sociology of Education
Zahide Alaca, University of Toronto – Within-Student Stability in Learning Trajectories: Summer after Summer, do the Same Students Fall Further and Further Behind in Math and Reading?

Sociology of Mental Health
Sanam Vaghefi, University of Victoria – Refugee Mental Health during the Asylum Waiting Process: A Qualitative Study of Turkish and Canadian Contexts

Sociology of Migration
Max Stick, McMaster University – Gendered Perspectives of Financial Control: Source-Country Gender Inequality and Financial Decisions of Immigrant Couples

Urban Sociology
Andrew Crosby, Carleton University – A “Framework for Social Destruction”: Community Well-being and Domicide in the Liveable City.”