All of our Conference sessions will be held in-person at York University (Keele Campus) McLaughlin College-MC and Curtis Lecture Halls-CLH.

Travelling to, from, and around Congress

Congress Maps

Canadian Sociological Association Conference Map

Finding your way to McLaughlin College-MC

Building Floorplans (McLaughlin College-MC and Curtis Lecture Halls-CLH)

Our Session Rooms

There are two types of session rooms:

In-person : Presentations and audience attendance will be in-person.   It may be possible for our members to present remotely but they will not be able to see the other presentations (given in-person or remotely) and audience questions will need to be communicated to the remote presenter by the session chair.

In-person Regular Sessions

In-person Panels, Plenary, and Meetings

  • McLaughlin College – MC 050A, MC 050B, MC 050C, MC 103, MC 109, MC 112, MC 157C, MC 211, MC 212
  • Curtis Lecture Halls – CLH E

Hybrid : Both in-person and remote presentations and audience attendance.  Remote presenters and audience members will be able to participate virtually through the Congress virtual platform.

Hybrid Regular Sessions

Hybrid Panels, Plenary, and Meetings

  • McLaughlin College – MC 111, MC 213, MC 214
  • Curtis Lecture Halls – CLH F, CLH B, CLH I

Congress Spaces

Well-being hubs for the McLaughlin College-MC building are situated in Founders College:
  • Gathering Space – Founders College, FC 024E
  • Quiet Zone – Founders College, FC 019B
  • Prayer Room – Founders College, FC 019A
  • Lactation Room – Founders College, FC 022
Well-being hubs for the Curtis Lecture Hall-CLH building are situated in the Central Square:
  • Quiet Zone – Central Square, Scott Religious Centre, CSQ 144 (Meditation Room)
  • Prayer Room – Central Square, Scott Religious Centre, CSQ 144 (Chapel)
  • Lactation Room – Scott Library, SCL 133A