March 22 – Action Items

Hello Session Organizers,

The Conference is fast approaching so we have listed a few action items below for your attention.

Conference program revisions:
Kindly advise on any changes or additions required for your session or presentations listed.   Chairs for several sessions are still outstanding.

Planning Sessions:
To streamline the planning process, all sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes (only keynote lectures are listed at 60 minutes).   You may conclude your session anytime after 60 minutes if the conversation ends – no need to stretch it out!

Please organize your session to include time for a welcome message, Land Acknowledgement, presenter/panelist introductions, and Q & A from the audience in addition to a set time for presentations or panelist discussion.

Connecting with your session participants:
Please let me know if you require a list of your presenters and email addresses.

We recommend that you contact the participants in your session (in early April) to advise them of their presentation length (between 10 – 15 minutes depending on the number of presentations in the session).

You may also request a copy of the full paper or presentation summary in advance for review.  This is optional but if you would like to request these items, please advise presenters that they should be sent to you directly by email.  We suggest a deadline of May 1 for this.

Participation Policy compliance:
The deadline for all presenters, panelists, chairs and discussants to be both a member of the Canadian Sociological Association as well as a Congress delegate with the Canadian Sociological Association Conference is April 15.  I am following up with participants and will contact you to discuss any issues or notification of presentation withdrawals.

Media Opt-In:
If you would like your panel or session (including specific presentations) flagged for media coverage, please complete the Congress media opt-in form by April 22.

Conference Guidelines:
Information for organizers, chairs, panelists, and presenters can be found here.

Additional instructions for the virtual conference will be shared as it is received from Congress.

I hope this is helpful but please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you again for your efforts as organizers!