Presenter Guidelines and Responsibilities

  • Authors should check the review status of their abstract through the online submission system
    • Our office should be informed if the session organizer has not reviewed or communicated the results of the review by February 10, 2017
  • The CSA recognizes that there may be situations in which there are pedagogical and professional benefits to presenting at multiple associations at Congress. The CSA-SCS encourages its members, as a matter of good practice to inform both associations of their submission in order to facilitate and foster future collaborative efforts.
    • Duplicate presentations within the CSA-SCS Conference are not permitted and the author(s) will be required to withdraw one of the submissions
  • CSA-SCS conference policy allows participants up to two different paper presentations and up to three presentations including panels and plenary (participation as session chair or discussant does not count in these limits)
  • Presenters must communicate directly with session organizers regarding their expectation for the submission of full papers or presentations (deadline is May 1, 2017)
    • Failure to maintain communication with, or provide information requested by, the session organizer may result in the removal of the presentation from the Conference programme
  • The association must be notified immediately if there are changes to a presentation title or abstract and in the event that the presentation has been withdrawn from the session