Program Committee

This committee will determine the theme of the Conference, oversee the adjudication of session proposals, and organize invited panels and keynote speakers.

The committee is chaired by the President and will include the President-Elect and representatives from the Black Caucus, Decolonization, and Equity Subcommittees.  Additional members may be appointed to ensure a breadth of substantive expertise across subfields of sociology.

2022 Conference Program Committee

Abdie Kazemipur, University of Calgary

  • CSA President
  • Expertise in ethnicity, immigration, religion, and Middle-East
  • Fluent in English and Persian

Irene Shankar, Mount Royal University

  • CSA President Elect
  • Expertise in gender, race, health, feminist theories, and qualitative research methods
  • Fluent in English and Hindi

Natalie Delia Deckard, University of Windsor

  • CSA Black Caucus Rep
  • Expertise in race and ethnicity, migration status, critical criminology
  • Fluent in English and Spanish

Rima Wilkes, University of British Columbia

  • CSA Decolonization Subcommittee Rep
  • Expertise in political sociology and social movements, race, ethnicity and indigeneity
  • Fluent in English and French

Rob Henry, University of Saskatchewan

  • CSA Equity Subcommittee Rep
  • Expertise in Indigenous studies, Indigenous street lifestyles, Indigenous masculinities, decolonial and anti-oppressive theories, Indigenous lifeworlds
  • Qualitative community-engaged Indigenous research methodologies and visual research