Session and Presentation Guidelines

Virtual Session Format

Sessions may be held in English and/or French.  Closed captioning will be available for accessibility.

Regular (paper presentation) and Roundtable sessions will be in live ‘meeting’ format.  The presenters and chair may share their screens.   Audio and video for the audience will be disabled unless they would like to ask a question or engage in discussion with the speakers.  Questions may also be entered into the ‘chat’ box during the session.

Up to 5 presentations may be included in a 90-minute session or 3 presentations in a 60-minute session to allow time for audience questions.  Discussants are optional and may only be included if time allows.

Panel sessions  will typically be in live ‘webinar’ format whereby only the designated speakers can be seen, heard, and share their screens.   Audience members may enter their questions through the ‘Q & A’ box during the session.  Up to 5 panelists and a moderator may participate in a 90-minute session.

Keynote Lectures will be in ‘webinar’ format and may be held live or on-demand.  Only the designated speakers can be seen, heard, and share their screens.   Audience members may enter their questions through the ‘Q & A’ box during the session.

Workshop sessions  will held in live ‘meeting’ format and may require pre-registration.  Refer to the session description for details.

Interdisciplinary Sessions

Recording for On-demand Viewing

All sessions will be recorded by default, however, session organizers may request that the session only be held live.   Presenters in regular sessions may be able to request that the recording be paused during their presentation but this is not possible for panel sessions.

Recorded sessions will be available for on-demand viewing by registered Canadian Sociological Association delegates until June 3, 2022.


  • Papers should be original unpublished contributions to sociological research and of defensible conceptual and methodological merit
    • Completed research is best for Regular Sessions but some sessions may include research in progress
    • Research proposals may be included in Roundtable sessions
  • Presentations may be in English and/or French but if the session is predominantly in another language, the session organizer may request that translated visual aids be provided for the other presenters and/or attendees
  • Presentation times may vary from 10 – 15 minutes depending on the number of presentations in the session
    • Consult the session organizer to confirm time allotment per presentation
  • The CSA must be notified immediately if there are changes to any presentation title or abstract, or if a presentation is withdrawn from a session in order to ensure program accuracy
  • Papers must be presented during a session in the order they appear in the program

Presenting (Regular and Roundtable sessions)

Presentations will be done live during the session.  Alternatively, presenters may pre-record their presentation and play the video during the session from their own computer.

Instructions for playing videos on Zoom

Presenter and Panelist Guidelines and Responsibilities