Session Guidelines


  • Sessions may be organized independently or by members of a research cluster
  • Sessions may be held in English and/or French
  • Ideally, sessions should include presenters from different institutions and/or organizations
  • A session organizer not presenting in a session may act as chair or discussant (although he or she should not assume both roles)
  • Papers must be presented in the order listed in the programme
  • Virtual presentations via skype or phone must be pre-approved by the Conference planning committee and the presenters are still required to comply with all Conference participation policies
  • Audience participation should take place at the end of the session

Session Formats

All sessions are 90 minutes in duration and may take the following forms;

Regular sessions

  • Between 3 and 5 paper presentations can be accommodated
  • Presentation time for each paper and for the discussant is limited
    • 20 minutes each for a session with three presentations and a discussant
    • 15 minutes each for a session with four presentations and a discussant
    • 20 minutes each for a session with four presentations and no discussant
    • 15 minutes each for a session with five presentations and no discussant
  • AV (computer, projector, screen, and internet) will be available for presentations
  • These sessions are held in a classroom type setting with a capacity of between 25 – 50 people (participants and observers combined)
  • Congress 2020 Accessible Presentations

Roundtable Sessions

  • Two separate roundtable sessions will be scheduled concurrently in one large room
    • Each table can only accommodate 10 people (participants and observers combined)
  • Recommended for presentations based on research in progress or more general thematic discussions of work in a particular area
  • AV will not be available for presentations
    • Participants must distribute printed papers and/or handouts
  • Participants and observers at each table will be advised to refrain from any action which may disturb the other (applauding, loud discourse, etc)

Panel Sessions

  • May include up to 5 panelists and a moderator
  • AV (computer, projector, screen, and internet) will be available for speakers
    • This will also include a podium, head table, and microphones
  • These sessions are typically held in a lecture style room with a capacity of between 75 – 120 people

Workshop Sessions

Interdisciplinary Sessions

The Canadian Sociological Association welcomes session collaboration with other associations, research groups, or organizations participating in Congress.  There are three categories of interdisciplinary sessions each with particular administrative considerations; cross-listed, joint, and co-sponsored.

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