Session Organizer Guidelines and Responsibilities

The list of approved sessions will be posted on the Conference website beginning December 1, 2020.  The Call for Abstracts will then be opened from December 1, 2020 to January 29, 2021.

  • All abstracts must be submitted through our online system between December 1, 2020 and January 29, 2021
  • Abstracts submitted by a session organizer to his or her own session must also be submitted online and reviewed by a co-organizer, a session organizer within the Research Cluster, or a member of the Conference Program Committee by the January 29, 2021 deadline
  • Session organizers are responsible for judging whether the academic quality of proposed papers is acceptable
    • Papers should be original unpublished contributions to sociological research, of defensible conceptual and methodological merit
    • Effort should be made to include presentations from a variety of academic and applied sociology sources rather from the organizer’s own institution
    • Abstracts should be based on completed work rather than research proposals or work in progress (the exception could be round-tables or sessions which are seeking input on current research being conducted)
  • Submissions must be reviewed and authors notified of the results by February 12, 2021
    • We will provide instructions and support to organizers with respect to utilizing the system to review submissions
    • We ask that you advise the author and our office if you were unable to accept an abstract that could be considered for another session
  • The requirement to submit a full paper or presentation prior to the Conference is at the discretion of the session organizer
    • It is strongly recommended that organizers request a completed paper and/or presentation by May 1 to ensure authors are prepared and committed to presenting at the Conference
    • Please communicate your expectations to the presenters and note that these submissions are to be emailed to you directly
  • Initially approved sessions may be sub-divided after the Call for Abstracts to accommodate multiple presentations depending on time and space availability in the conference program
    • The Conference planning committee will advise organizers as to the format of sub-divided sessions
  • Sessions with less than three presentations may be cancelled or merged with similarly themed sessions


  • A session chair and discussant (if applicable) must be submitted to the association by April 1 (name, email address, and affiliation)
    • The session organizer can assume the role of chair or discussant if not presenting in the session
  • Organizers must check the session information in the online program for accuracy and advise the association on the order of presentations by April 1
    • We suggest that the session description be revised from the original version used in the Call for Abstracts to better reflect the papers being presented
    • The deadline for revisions to be included in  the official printed program is May 6


  • Canadian Sociological Association membership requirement and congress delegate policies are applicable if the session organizer is attending the Conference
    • Session organizers are asked to support the Association office’s efforts to communicate conference information and registration policies with presenters, chairs, and discussants


  • Virtual presentations via skype or phone must be pre-approved by the Conference planning committee and the presenters are still required to comply with all Conference participation policies


Additional Information for Session Organizers

Session Guidelines

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