Animals and the(ir) Environment

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Session Code: ANS1
Session Format: Regular
Session Language: English
Research Cluster Affiliation: Animals in Society
Session Categories: Regular Session

This session explores the interconnectivity of the environment—both “natural” and built—and its human and other-than-human inhabitants. Space and place are difficult to evade, we are all enveloped in our environments ad infimum. Central to this topic are questions of how, why, where, when, and with whom we inhabit and engage with the elements around us. Environmental thought is frequently at odds with individual actors, as anthropocentric aims usurp that which is other-than-human. Presentations are welcomed that address this system-versus-self perspective, possible topics in this session include space and place, accessibility, resources, environmental racism and justice, shared, excluded, or restricted spaces, “sustainability”, and the environmental and animal “rights” movements. Tags: Human Animal Studies

Organizers: Sarah May Lindsay, McMaster University, Rochelle Stevenson, Thompson Rivers University, Paola DiPaolo, Athabasca University