Conceptualizing and applying relational sociology

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Session Code: RES1
Session Format: Regular
Session Language: English
Research Cluster Affiliation: Relational Sociology
Session Categories: Regular Session

Relational sociology is a new research field that has been on the rise in recent years (decades) as demonstrated by the works of Nick Crossely, Pierpaolo Donati, Mustafa Emirbayer and François Dépelteau among many others. This is a very exciting moment for researchers since the field is still in the making and has yet to congeal durably. Relational sociology therefore marks a great opportunity for researchers coming from different theoretical backgrounds (social networks analysis, critical realism, feminist epistemology, Elias’ configurational approach, Bourdieu’s field theory, Luhmann’s systems theory, Latour’s ANT, Deleuze’s philosophy, Dewey’s pragmatism, etc.) and studying different empirical objects (power, music, creativity, social movements, life trajectories, nation building, leadership, genocide, mobility, etc.) to engage in a dialogue with each other in order to better explore the relational or dynamic and processual aspects of social life. Presentations can focus on, (i) theoretical issues within one paradigm or across the entire field, (ii) relational analyses of empirical phenomena, (iii) anything in between! Tags: Social Structure and Networks, Social Theory

Organizers: Jean-Sebastien Guy, Dalhousie University, Peeter Selg, Tallinn University