Conversations among Indigenous, Sociological and Feminist Analyses

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Session Code: FEM2
Session Format: Regular
Session Language: English, French
Research Cluster Affiliation: Feminist Sociology, Indigenous Settler Relations and Decolonization
Session Categories: Regular Session

Building on the work of Indigenous feminist scholars, this session examines synergies between and specificities of Indigenous analyses and feminist analyses. It also explores the current relationship and potential of each type of analysis to sociology. What are the ways in which Indigenous and feminist analyses may converge and/or offer complementary sociological insights and analyses? For example, both not only provide a critique of the contemporary world, through such concepts as colonialism and patriarchy, but also often envisage alternatives. And what are key specificities of each (in relation to the other) when considering sociological analyses? Contributions are invited which are informed by one or more of a number of different standpoints and approaches, including 1) collaborative situations of those grounded in both perspectives or in one of them, with consideration of the other, for example through experiences in networks, 2) contributions drawing from the presenter’s own research, 3) theorizing from Indigenous and/or feminist approaches, or from such interrelated concepts as power, violence, equality and justice. Tags: Feminist Studies, Indigenous Studies, Race And Ethnicity

Organizers: Ann B. Denis, University of Ottawa, Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, Saint Mary's University