Decolonizing Canada: Critically Considering Settler Solidarity During Indigenous Led Efforts

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Session Code: ISD2
Session Format: Regular
Session Language: English
Research Cluster Affiliation: Indigenous Settler Relations and Decolonization
Session Categories: Regular Session

How have settlers practiced their relational responsibilities to decolonize Canada? What are the expressions of those practices? As Indigenous peoples determine their futures by leading the way to refuse as well as undo colonial systems and policies, expressions of settlers acting in solidarity have looked different across space and time in Canada. This session calls for papers which focus on moments of settlers organizing and acting in solidarity with Indigenous peoples, supporting efforts to build anti-colonial, anti-imperial movements and coalitions, and contributing to practices which center Indigenous pathways to self-government, self-determination and decolonization. This session is additionally seeking papers which explore the complexities that arise when settlers practice a politics of solidarity with Indigenous peoples and engage social movement work inspired by an anti-imperial and a decolonial praxis. Your paper may highlighting what solidarity work has been done, who is doing the work, who is not, and why not. Additionally, you can address what the different ways of doing the former work have been, as well as what can be learned from it. Your paper may address one or more of the former questions. Please ensure that you have described your research methodology in the abstract. This is a jointly sponsored session between Canadian Sociology Association, Canadian Political Science Association, and Society for Socialist Studies. Tags: (In)equality, Applied Sociology, Canadian Sociology, Children And Youth, Communities, Criminology And Law, Culture, Development And Globalization, Disability Studies, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Feminist Studies, Food Studies, Gender And Sexuality, Health And Care, Human Animal Studies, Indigenous Studies, Media Studies, Migration Immigration, Organizations, Parenting And Families, Policy And Society, Politics And Social Movements, Race And Ethnicity, Religion, Research Methods, Rural And Urban Sociology, Social Structure and Networks, Social Theory, Sociology Of Knowledge, Teaching Sociology, Violence, Visual Sociology

Organizer: Binish Ahmed, Ryerson University