Indigenzing/Decolonizing Canadian Educational Institutions

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Session Code: ISD1
Session Format: Regular
Session Language: English
Research Cluster Affiliation: Indigenous Settler Relations and Decolonization
Session Categories: Regular Session

In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's Calls to Action, various actors with a variety of interests and objectives are seeking to indigenize or decolonize Canadian educational institutions at all levels. This session seeks papers that critically analyze the various opportunities, challenges, dilemmas, and contradictions inherent in this process and/or propose strategies to improve its outcomes. Papers may address a wide range of issues and concerns including curricula, pedagogy, educational administration, policy formation, and means of negotiating and achieving respectful balance between Indigenous and settler voices in the academy and elsewhere. While the main focus is on Canada, papers that draw on indigenization/decolonization processes in educational institutions in other countries are also welcome. Tags: Canadian Sociology, Education, Equality, Indigenous Studies, Organizations

Organizers: Claire Polster, University of Regina, Mary Ellen Donnan, Bishops University, Danielle Lorenz, University of Alberta