Sociological and Political Thought: Indigenous Perspectives

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Session Code: ISD4
Session Format: Regular
Session Language: English, French
Research Cluster Affiliation: Indigenous Settler Relations and Decolonization
Session Categories: Regular Session

This panel explores the relationship between sociological and political thought and Indigenous knowledges. What are the ways that sociological and political thought have engaged or, perhaps more often marginalized Indigenous ways of knowing? How do Indigenous knowledges shed new light on central sociological and political theories, concepts and methodologies, and how do they fundamentally challenge paradigmatic assumptions within these approaches? This panel invites both theoretical and empirical papers that look at these questions specifically through the foregrounding of Indigenous ontologies, epistemologies and methodologies. Tags: Indigenous Studies, Social Theory

Organizers: Elaine Coburn, York University, Yann Allard-Tremblay, Glendon, York University, Vanessa Watts-Powless, McMaster University