Sociology of Knowledge Research Cluster Meeting

Monday May 16 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Eastern Daylight Time)
Virtual Platform

Session Code: KNW7
Session Format: Meeting
Session Language: English, French
Research Cluster Affiliation: Sociology of Knowledge
Session Categories: Meeting

The Sociology of Knowledge cluster is excited to hold its first meeting at the 2022 congress! We welcome all scholars of any career stage who are interested in the study of knowledge in all its forms. We advocate an expansive view of knowledge as a research topic, and welcome scholars curious about the full spectrum of representations of reality and social life, including those using knowledge as a lens for examining other sub-fields and empirical subjects in sociology. Because we’re a new cluster, we’re especially interested in hearing from folks interested in discussing or getting involved in the future of the cluster. Our aim is to create a positive, accessible, and laid-back venue for exploring this far-reaching topic. Tags: Research Cluster Meeting

Organizers: Will Keats-Osborn, Independent scholar, Lily Ivanova, University of British Columbia