Virtual Conference Best Practices

Virtual Sessions and Presentations

All paper presentation sessions will be in live ‘webinar’ format which means that only the chair and designated presenters will be able to be seen, heard, and share their screens.   Attendees may type in their questions through the Q & A option.

The virtual Conference has the capacity to record sessions and make them available to Congress delegates for on-demand viewing until June 30.  The Canadian Sociological Association has decided to only record sessions upon request of the session organizers and with the express consent of presenters.

Presentations may be pre-recorded and submitted to Congress by May 7.   The recording will be played during the session as scheduled. This may be beneficial to those with unstable internet connections.  Refer to the Congress document Recording your presentation via Zoom.

You are welcome to choose this option or present live during the session.  If the former, please follow the instructions in this document to ensure that Congress has your presentation correctly uploaded for your session.  Additional information for presenters will be shared once received from Congress.

With the help of the Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences Congress organizers, we have compiled helpful tips and resources to support your participation in our virtual Conference.

Accessible Presentations
See also Congress Information on Accessibility

Chair and Moderator Tip Sheet

Congress Code of Conduct

Gender Specific and Gender Neutral Pronouns

Presenter Tip Sheet

Recording your presentation via Zoom
In this document you will find information on preparing a recording space, setting up Zoom, and uploading video presentations to the Federation server.

Congress will be opening a ‘Speaker Service Centre’ soon to assist you with your live or pre-recorded presentation questions.

Wellness Tip Sheet

Zoom Bombing

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