Welcome to the Animals in Society research cluster (RC) of the Canadian Sociological Association (CSA)! As sociologists, we see value in scholarship that goes beyond an anthropocentric understanding of Canadian society, one that includes the non- or other-than-human and pays particular attention to “the question of the animal”. The work of this RC is inclusive, anti-oppressive, and critical in nature. Working from an interdisciplinary perspective, we seek to expand current interpretations of societal structures and institutions, social norms, practices, policies, and relations that involve humans and other beings. The Animals in Society RC recognizes and respects that we are all animals in a shared society.

Some themes and topics you will find from our members’ work:

  • Human-nonhuman animal relations
  • Nonhuman animal policies and practices
  • Theoretical interpretations of nonhuman animals and their lives
  • Human-nonhuman connectivity, disparity, and subjective binaries
  • “Animal” spaces and environments
  • “Animal” labour
  • “Animals” as resources
  • “Domestic” animals
  • “Wild” animals
  • Species and interconnected/mirrored oppression and prejudice (speciesism)
  • Power exchange and collaboration
  • Nonhuman animal families, pairs, and roles
  • “Animal” autonomy and non-interference
  • Inter- and intra-species studies
  • Violence against “animals”
  • Nonhuman deviance, ability, and “norms”

In order to promote scholarship and exchange of ideas, The Animals in Society Research Cluster will be publishing an online newsletter.  Details regarding article submission will be forthcoming.

Please contact the administrative board with ideas, inquiries, or to join the CSA Animals in Society Research Cluster.