Animals in Society has Two Sessions at Congress June 2020

Animals in Society Research Cluster for the 2020 CSA Conference is organizing two interesting sessions at Congress in June at Western University in London, ON.

As always, we welcome a broad range of papers and topics, both completed research and research in progress at the conference! The deadline for submissions is January 27, 2020.

Animals, Activism, and Advocacy: Acting Against Speciesism
Social movements and activism around animal welfare and rights have been a consistent presence in Western society over the past six decades. The activism surrounding animals is increasingly being blended with climate crisis protests, raising awareness of both harms to humans and animals. Embedded within activism and advocacy efforts is the human labour, often which comes at an emotional cost for those involved. This session invites case studies, theoretical papers, or research works which highlight the successes of animal related advocacy, the challenges within the social movements, and future directions for activism.

Structural Speciesism: Human/Animals and the Law
In October 2018, the federal Liberal government tabled Bill C-84 which focused on amending specific animal related provisions in the Criminal Code. In June 2019, Bill S-203 was passed, which banned dolphins and whales in captivity. Substantive revisions to both criminal and regulatory law related to animal cruelty offences are needed, yet very few changes have been successful despite multiple attempts over the past three decades. Why have these proposed legislations failed to pass? Is an implicit speciesism at work? Does a connection with human victimization make a difference? This panel will explore intersectional aspects of human/animals and the law, specifically around issues of speciesism. The panel will discuss, from various perspectives, how we as humans might be able to bring animals in from the periphery of law in an effort to move animals closer to the centre.

Exciting news:  The Maybe Memorial Award for graduate student research
We are very pleased to announce the establishment of the Maybe Memorial Award! Newly established in 2020, the Maybe Memorial Award seeks to encourage and reward graduate student research that focusses on non-human animal welfare in a broad sense. Award recipients will be recognized at the CSA annual conference with a certificate and $300 to support their research. Additional details can be found in the attached call for submissions. There is no requirement that applicants be members of the Animals in Society Research Cluster to submit a paper for consideration or to receive the award.

Please circulate widely among graduate students and colleagues!

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