2021 Maybe Memorial Award

Congratulations to Yasmin Koop-Monteiro!

Ms. Koop-Monteiro’s manuscript Metabolic Rifts and Alienation in the Animal Agriculture Industry, is a critical indictment of the social and ecological impacts of  industrial animal agriculture. Drawing on Marx’s theory, Ms. Koop-Monteiro highlights important, sustainable, and attainable solutions to the social and ecological problems rooted in the animal agriculture industry.

About the Maybe Memorial Award

The Maybe Memorial Award was established in honour of a beloved family member, Maybe, whose life was taken in 2017 in an act of animal cruelty. Maybe’s spirit was one of joy, acceptance, and community. Her boundless love and enthusiasm was contagious and she sparked this in all those who were lucky enough to know her. This fund is one small step to furthering society’s respect, understanding, activism, and improvement of the wellbeing of non-human animals in our society.

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