David Long, The King’s University

Name: David Long

Position: Professor of Sociology

Affiliation: The King’s University

Educational Background: B.A. Sociology, Wilfrid Laurier University; M.A. & Ph.D., University of Waterloo, Grant Notley Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Alberta

Professional Background and Affiliations: The King’s University Department of Sociology, 1989 – Present; Canadian Sociological Association

Contact Information: david.long@kingsu.ca; 780-465-3500 ext. 8064

What are your main research interests? Hope diversity; reconciliation; healing; boy’s/men’s health; fathers/fathering/fatherhood; legislative, social policy and program development in health and Aboriginal Fathers/Child Welfare

What projects are you currently working on? Editing Visions of the Heart (4th edition) – collected readings engaging issues involving Aboriginal peoples in Canada; health mentoring in father/son relations; co-facilitating a support group for homeless Aboriginal men; engaging men/boys in the prevention of family violence; establishing a community engaged research initiative in our sociology program at King’s.

What interesting research findings have emerged from your work? How have these been applied? Research cultivates trust and hope when we seek to humanize our relations & understanding; reconciliation begins with the respectful listening and sharing of our stories; policy/program development requires wisdom more than knowledge; outreach needs to be informed by inreach – we have altered attitudes as well as program and policy support for males in a wide variety of contexts for men in all their diversity (counselling, support groups, family violence prevention; Aboriginal child welfare, father involvement, health mentoring, social media site).

Are there other aspects of your work or your interests that you would like to share? I am interested in research/dialogue that seeks to move relations between diverse peoples forward in good ways by engaging wisdom and different kinds/sources of knowledge.


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