Bruce Ravelli, University of Victoria

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Name: Bruce Ravelli

Position: Teaching Professor, Department of Sociology

Educational Background:
B.A. University of Victoria, Anthropology
M.A. University of Victoria, Anthropology
Ph.D. University of Victoria, Sociology



Professional Background and Affiliations:

The majority of my career was at Mount Royal University in Calgary (1998-2013), where I was a Professor of Sociology. While at MRU I taught a variety of courses including Introduction to Sociology, Classical Theory and Mass Media. In 2013 we moved back to Victoria where I teach Introduction to Sociology courses as well as a 4th year seminar course in Community Engaged Learning where students work with a variety of local non-profit agencies. I am also the Director of the Office of Interdisciplinary Academic Programs at the University of Victoria.

Contact Information:


What are your main research interests?
Most of my writing is focused on creating and updating resources targeting Introduction to Sociology classes. I am co-author (with Michelle Webber, Brock University) of Exploring Sociology: A Canadian Perspective.

What interesting research findings have emerged from your work?
Writing for the introductory market does not necessarily lead to “new findings” in sociology but I seem my work as important and applied nevertheless. First, a students Intro text is their first experience with sociology and therefore needs to show them the very best of what we do and show them the unique way that sociologists see the world. Second, my 4th year seminar course is dedicated at requiring students to apply their sociological skills to assist their community partners complete a research project they would not otherwise be able to do. Third, I host a site that attempts to show some of the wonderful work sociologists are doing.


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