Samantha MacNeil, Junior Research Consultant

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 10.14.24 PMName: Samantha MacNeil

Position: Junior Research Consultant – Social Planning Council Oxford

Contact information: 




What sociological skills do you use in your job?
One of the most beneficial things about sociology is that its scope is versatile. With an understanding of theoretical fundamentals, sociological concepts can be applied in most any situation. This, I believe, is the skillset most valuable about an education in Sociology. I apply the versatility of sociology in my job every day when developing needs assessments and research projects about various issues impacting community members. The challenge becomes finding a common element between what sociology understands of the social world and how to demonstrate that to important stakeholders in progress and development.

Do you have any career advice for sociology students?
Never limit yourself to one career option. Taking transferable skills from higher education and pairing it with the endless possibilities of sociological conversations can take your career in any direction.

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