Why Join?

Joining the Applied and Community Engaged Sociology  cluster will provide you with the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of professionals who practice applied sociology within academic and non-academic settings. You will be able to network and share ideas, knowledge and news with other members. The cluster has also created pages on various social media channels to facilitate communication between all members. Being a part of this cluster is free and does not require membership in the Canadian Sociological Association (CSA).

With a membership in the CSA, participation in the cluster will also provide you with the opportunity to become involved with applied sociology sessions at the annual Congress conference as an organizer, chair, presenter, or discussant. Moreover, by attending Congress activities and sessions, you will be able to interact with the wider sociological community in Canada.

The Applied and Community Engaged Sociology Cluster also welcomes students interested in applied sociology. Students will have the opportunity to connect with applied sociologists who work in a variety of fields and become informed of a range of career paths.