Canadian Review of Sociology
Revue canadienne de sociologie

ISSN: 1755-618X
Published: February, May, August, November
Current: November / Novembre 2016
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The Canadian Review of Sociology is the journal of the Canadian Sociological Association. The CRS is committed to the dissemination of innovative ideas and research findings that are at the core of the discipline. La Revue canadienne de sociologie est la publication officielle de la Société canadienne de sociologie. Elle s’est donné pour mission de diffuser des idées novatrices et des résultats de recherches touchant à l’essence même de la discipline.

Current Issue

  • Catching Up or Falling Behind? Continuing Wealth Disparities for Immigrants to Canada by Region of Origin and Cohort
  • Factors Influencing Church Choice: An Exploration of Responses from New Attendees at Growing Canadian Mainline Churches
  • John Porter Book Prize Lecture: Bringing the Social Back In-On the Integration of Muslim Immigrants and the Jurisprudence of Muslim Minorities

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