The Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Black Racism Research Cluster is a social network inspired by the contributions of pioneering Black sociologists in shaping the discipline of sociology. Dr. Daniel G. Hill, Dr. Wilson Head, Dr. Althea Prince, Dr. Agnes Calliste, and Dr. George S. Dei completed comprehensive sociological studies concerning race, racism, anti-racist feminism, Black feminism, anti-Black racist research and social inequality.

Today, we continue this tradition by engaging in critical and thoughtful research that is both academic and applied. The cluster provides a site to enhance dialogue among academics, nonacademics, activists, communities, organizations, government, and others engaged in sociological research on anti-Black racism, social movements (BlackLivesMatter), urban sociology, anti-racism, indigeneity, social justice, intersectionality, health (COVID-19), education, and critical ethnicity.

Our initial objectives are to encourage: research, theory, projects, professional activities, programmes, and teaching that critically expands the discipline’s conceptual apparatus, and reimagines its transformative potential to bring about social justice for all groups.

  • Permission to use the image of Dr. Daniel G. Hill is granted by Mrs. Donna Hill and the Archives of Ontario.
  • Permission to use the image of Dr. Wilson Head is granted by OTRS.
  • Photograph of Dr. Althea Prince, Ryerson University.
  • Photography of Dr. Agnes Calliste is provided by Dr. Katie Aubrecht.
  • Permission to use the image of Dr. George S. Dei is granted by Dr. Dei.