Global South Perspectives: Towards decolonization, de-stratification, and de-centralization of social knowledge production

Global South Perspectives 2018 Call for papers

Call for Papers

International Workshop ‘Global South Perspectives’: Towards decolonization, de-stratification and de-centralization of social knowledge production
18-19 April 2018, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Keynote speakers:
Pei-Chia Lan, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Tamari Kitossa, Brock University, Canada
Plenary speaker:
Franz Waldenberger, German Institute for Japanese Studies, Japan; The Max Weber Foundation
Social knowledge production, on a global level, is heavily stratified. Critics have argued that this stratification, initiated by imperialism and colonialism and maintained and re-inscribed by vast contemporary global inequalities, is systematically distorting the knowledge that is being produced. As Walter Mignolo and others have pointed out, knowledge production is carried out under Western master frames or ‘cosmologies,’ which center and mainstream Western theory and findings as the scholarly ‘core’ and the foundation that new knowledge must be built on, while provincializing and marginalizing knowledge produced by non-Western or racialized scholars. It has been argued that this stratification in knowledge production leads to Western and White lived experiences, perspectives, interests, and sensitivities being woven into social theory, which is subsequently not recognized as positioned, but mainstreamed and normalized as ‘general theory’. Situated as we are in a globally interconnected system with highly unequal distribution of resources, burdens, and life chances, this highly stratified knowledge production is problematic, and can even be dangerous. The aim of this workshop is to strengthen the dialogue, connections and collaboration of scholars pursuing ‘Southern’ or ‘Subaltern’ approaches. Scholars are invited to discuss research agendas, theories, methodological issues and empirical studies based on perspectives, experience, concerns and needs of people in the Global South and racialized or indigenous groups in the Global North. The workshop emphasizes thematic inclusiveness.Abstract Submission Deadline: February 15th
Application deadline for travel grants for graduate Students: January 10th (23:59pm Hong Kong time)
Application deadline for travel grants for PhD holders: 
February 15th
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