Statement: Working Together Against Anti-Black Racism

The Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Racism Research Cluster of the Canadian Sociological Association is a social network inspired by the contributions of pioneering Black sociologists in shaping the discipline of sociology. Dr. Daniel G. Hill, Dr. Wilson Head, Dr. Althea Prince, Dr. Agnes Calliste, and Dr. George S. Dei completed comprehensive sociological studies concerning race, racism, anti-racist feminism, anti-racist research and social inequality. Today, we continue this tradition by engaging in critical and thoughtful research that is both academic and applied. The cluster provides a site to enhance dialogue among academics, non-academics, activists, communities, organizations, government, and others engaged in sociological research on anti-black racism, social movements, urban sociology, anti-racism, indigeneity, social justice, intersectionality, health, education, and critical ethnicity.

The purpose of this statement is to voice our support for all of our CSA members, the communities of protestors in general, and Black communities in particular, and their demands for change, in the aftermath of the recent murder of George Floyd. The Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Racism Research Cluster believes in order to fully comprehend the current situation in Canada, it is imperative to view Blackness and anti-Black racism through a sociological and historical lens. Anti-Black racism reflects the longstanding historical forces that threaten the ideas of an egalitarian society. These forces include, among others, extirpation, enslavement, colonial conquests, poverty, prejudice, white supremacy, discrimination, structural, and systemic anti-Black racism that distort human relationships. Combined these forces challenge the relationships that bring us together to build a diverse, inclusive and just society. Therefore, we believe that we must be willing to engage in and sustain critical conversations that consider these social forces as some of the root causes of anti-Black racism in Canada, and around the world. If we do not, is it possible that Canadian society runs the risk of maintaining a society that is going be at the forefront of technological and scientific innovations, yet falls behind morally and socially? Those who truly desire peace must work together for social justice and systemic change.

What We Have Done

            The Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Racism Research Cluster has been involved in addressing anti-Black Racism. A few of our initiatives include:

  • Creation of the Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Racism Research Cluster.
  • Sponsored session on Black Professors Matter: Challenging Inequalities in Canadian Academe.
  • past member of the Equity committee, Canadian Sociological Association.
  • supported activities by Black social scientists, Black community activists, and sociologists in the Canadian Sociological Association.

Current Projects

Our initial objectives are to encourage: research, theory, projects, professional activities, programs, and teaching that critically expands the discipline’s conceptual apparatus, and reimagines its transformative potential to bring about social justice for all groups. The Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Racism Research Cluster is a:

  • Co-applicant and grant writer for a 3 Year Funded-SSHRC Partnership Development Grant (PDG) Blackness in Canada: Transforming the Nature Not Just the Face of Social Science Research.
  • Co-applicant and grant writer for a 3-Year Funded Trans-Atlantic Partnership (T-AP) Grant: Documenting Africans in Trans-Atlantic Slavery (DATAS).

What We Want To Do

  • A reorganization of the Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Racism Research Cluster.
  • Develop a collaborative research program about Black Canadian Identity and Social Science Research in Canada.
  • Work with our academics, academic supports, industry partners, activists, media, musicians, athletes, government and communities to strengthen academic ties and work with communities to do collaborative work to solve anti-Black racism.
  • connect to all Black social networks in Canada and groups addressing anti-Black racism and anti-racism.
  • Chronicle the history of the CSA’s work through race, ethnicity and antiracism. The Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Racism Research Cluster benefits from the involvement of a varied group of individuals with different perspectives, experiences and talents who embrace our shared objectives.
  • Create social policy initiatives and position statements for the Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Racism and Research Cluster that seeks our knowledge, expertise and research generated by sociologists to better understand and more holistically respond to these types of social issues. The Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Racism Research Cluster wants to ensure that the perspectives of Black sociologists are part of and responsive to the public discourse.
  • Webinars for nationwide and global conversations about anti-Black racism.
  • Other ideas?????

            These are the next steps for the Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Racism Research Cluster.           

 Sincerely,                                                                                                                                          Jennifer Mills                                                                                                                                    Chair, Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Racism Research Cluster

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