Eradicating Anti-Black Racism & Systemic Racism: Call for Collaborators

At a time when the Black Lives Matter movement has become prominent, and the United Nations Decade for People of African Descent approaches its milestone in 2024, sociologists can contribute to a critical analysis of the issues and propose solutions. While national and institutional legal frameworks are increasingly being implemented to combat institutional and systemic racism, there remains considerably work to be done in terms of matters arising from the persistence and adaptability of anti-Black racism. With support from the Canadian Sociological Association, the Critical Ethnicity and Anti-Black Racism Research Cluster is pleased to bring together a unique collaboration of academics, government, academic supports, industry partners, black Canadian communities and others to participate in a conversation about eradicating anti-Black racism and systemic racism.

To prepare for this conversation, we are looking for a diverse group of scholars with expertise in:

  1. social structures/social systems/social change;
  2. state/government/civil society (social theory, state theory, political philosophy);
  3. governance, public policy;
  4. anti-black racism; systemic racism
  5. computer science;
  6. data science, data social science, data visualization, computational sociology;
  7. environmental sociology;
  8. economy (scholars similar to Harold Innis, other perspectives are welcome);
  9. public health;
  10. and any other areas.

If you would like to participate in this initiative, please forward your name, full contact information, and area(s) of expertise to: Dr. Jennifer Mills, Chair of the Critical Ethnicity & Anti-Black Racism Research Cluster with the subject line, “Call for Collaborators.”

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