[Annual Congress/ Congrès annuel 2022] Call for papers / Appel à contribution (deadline Jan. 31)

Submit you paper to one of our sessions. Deadline : January 31 /  Vous avez jusqu’au 31 janvier 2022 pour soumettre votre proposition de communication pour une des deux séances. Click here to submit / Cliquez ici pour soumettre

Historical Sociology of Social Movements and Revolutions

This session will feature papers that draw on the long tradition of research on revolutions and social movements in historical sociology. Research that speak to new trends, approaches, and topics within this tradition of revolutions and social movements are especially welcome. The session welcome studies from an international perspective of social movements as well as a more local focus, particularly social movement in Quebec, such as the Quiet Revolution, the October 1970 Crisis, feminist movements, labour movements, and others.

New Directions in Historical Sociology / Nouvelles orientations de la sociologie historique

This session will explore new directions in historical sociology. Papers in this session will cover a multiplicity of topics, methods, and perspectives relevant to historical sociology. Comparative analyses and case studies are welcome.

Cette séance explorera les nouvelles orientations de la sociologie historique. Les présentations de cette séance couvriront une multiplicité de sujets, allant des méthodes et des perspectives innovantes pour la sociologie historique. Les analyses comparatives et les études de cas sont les bienvenues.

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