2018 Interpretive Sociology Conference (Philadelphia)


It’s a little late but I wanted to provide details about the cognitive sociology session at the recent Interpretive Sociology Conference in Philadelphia, PA (August 10 – 11, 2018).

It was a wonderful event – fantastically organized and filled with thought-provoking sessions – and there were a number of talks that explicitly dealt with the intersection between the cognitive and the social. There were too many highlights to mention but top amongst them was surely the keynote speech given by Eviatar Zerubavel on the taken for granted nature of meaning.

The full program can be found here but here’s a look at the session I organized. Thanks to Josh and Nils for delivering wonderful talks.

Modes of Inquiry in Cognitive Sociology: Intersections with Cognitive Science 
Organizer & Presider: Ryan McVeigh, Lakehead University

The Rules of Cognitive Sociological Method. Ryan McVeigh, Lakehead University

The Phenomenology of Truth. Joshua Wakeham, University of Alabama

On Sociological Debugging and Emergent Meaning: Interpretive Interventions in Cognitive Experiments. Nils Klowait, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences

The conference has come and gone, so this is all a little moot. But I promise to be more timely in my updates and post calls for relevant conferences before they actually happen. Shocking, I know.

All the best,

-Ryan McVeigh

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